Who am I ?

My name is Sophie, I'm 31 years old. Granddaughter of a restaurant owner, I have always loved “eating well” and inviting my loved ones around a warm and hearty table.

I discovered pottery during a bicycle trip. I met a potter who was working on a stick lathe, without electricity. I was fascinated by the earth and its hands working this material.

Self-taught in my early days, I then trained at the Atelier des Arts Céramiques in Tours to obtain a CAP in pottery, and with Patrick Buté and Marc Uzan for enamel research.

My favorite technique remains the lathe, even if other practices nourish my work with the earth: modelling, casting and plaster.

All the stages are artisanal, from kneading the earth to preparing the enamels (the colors).

I like to work with different clays, smooth or chamotted, white or red. These lands allow me to express myself freely and to pursue my quest for refined forms. Their curves are then highlighted by enamels resulting from my personal research.

My values

Being a potter is a committed act, beyond the pleasure I have in creating pieces. It is indeed a commitment to a simpler and sober life, with a rhythm that respects that of the earth. My ambition is to keep my company on a human scale with sufficient growth to allow me to live from my art.

Pottery is also a craft that requires patience: making plates, for example, requires between 2 to 3 months of work on average, depending on the season. Remembering this rhythm and explaining it in an educational way to my clients is important to me, as we live in a society where everything is always going faster.